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This is my submission for the Ludem Dare Jam 49.  The theme is Unstable and I figured a good idea would be to have some sort of game based on those boards with the marbles and you have to get the marbles into the holes.

In this game, you play on a board that gets lifted up off the ground and is stable for a random amount of time. Then it becomes unstable with each of the three points having a chance to fall down.  Also there are 4 balls on the board, which you control one at a time and randomly get switched.  The current ball you're moving will be a Yellow Color.  

There are 4 scoring points on the board (squares and hemi-spheres) passing a scoring ball though a scoring point scores you points. But a Non Scoring ball passing through the point takes away some points.  

Player Movement is with WASD or Arrow keys.


Rolling Trouble.zip 22 MB

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