This is a game made for the GPJam 2022 with the theme of "Mix It Up"

Game Controls:

W A S D to move and mouse to look

Space to jump

Controller support with Unity New Input System

Assets used - Unity 3rd person controller (comes with cinemachine follow camera set up)

Everything else made by me during the jam in Unity, Blender, Krita and Audacity

With the theme of Mix It Up, the literal approach of mixing colors was used with a puzzle element.  One of the puzzle levels from games I've always enjoyed is the one where you're in a room and only one direction advances the quest.  This is mixed in with color mixing, after the first set of rooms.

As an accessibility feature I wanted to add in a symbols version of the game for those that are colorblind and as an extra challenge.  This was scrapped due to the complexity of making a bunch of meaningful symbols and somehow combining them while also conveying to the player what and how to do it.  This is something that I might consider adding in after the Jam rating period as it would allow more people to play the game and enjoy it.  While also adding more layers of difficulty into the puzzle mechanic.

Downloadable file included for those that would like to not play in the browser window.


Download 41 MB

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