Having heard numerous tales of immortality, they thought “Wouldn’t that be cool; to live forever” Alas Mit never found a way to make it happen, until one day he was approached by Kirc, a dark and mysterious hooded figure promising the gift of immortality! An agreement was in the works, and all it would cost Mit was his soul.  The transaction was nearly complete, all that remained was to deliver the soul to the temple of Dragdyog in the upper floors of the hospital.  Mit knew the time to do this was during his planned hip replacement surgery.  Kirc gave him a potion to drink that would give him the ability to manipulate his dead corpse throughout the hospital.  

Mit drank the potion as instructed, on a Friday afternoon and spent the next 10 days prepping things for his eventual ascension to immortality.  Now that everything is prepped, and surgery has begun Mit needs your help to guide the way to the temple doors.  Can you help avoid the doctors and nurses who are desperately trying to bring Mit back to life!

Play commences with the corpse dying and the hospital staff walking off.  Now's your chance to get to the Ascension Chamber on the 5th floor!


WASD to move the player. Run into the corpse to move it

Get the corpse and the player to the goal square on each level without the corpse being caught by the Doctors and Nurses.  Doctors will patrol back and forth looking for the corpse in the square immediately in front of them.  Nurses will look one square in front of them and rotate around.  But  don't worry as a ghost you can't bee seen, only the corpse.

By MrScientist and Kaleva

Submission for the Game Dev Tv 2022 Jam!
Source code is available here:

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